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seed geranums
seed geraniums

Seed Geraniums
 red, white,nad tones

of salmon and pink

$5.99 each 




 for 10 

a great value!!

Crocosmia & russian Sage
russian sage

F-dramatic color
when in bloom
2 varieties of sage

[starting at 2 for $19.99]
 -lots of crocosmia in stock

    $15.99 each
or 2 for $29.99

Patio planters
10” planters for full sun
Double pink 10” planter


$24.99 each




Large selection...


lime light

little lime light


little quickfire

candy apple

zinfin doll


all winter hardy, bloom type and fading colors vary

West County Mix

- turf seed mix formulated for our region

-quickly established nurse crop

followed by sturdy perennial grassses

-available in


    1 lb...$5.99

    3 lb...$13.99

   10 lb.....$39.99

   25 lb.......$79.99

   50 lb......$124.99


remeber you need 60 degree soil

temperture for germination

Boot Trays
2 sizes of rubber boot trays

-2 inch lip


-2 ft....$24.99

-3 ft........$29.99

hibiscus are in!!
cranberry crush
midnight marvel

-blooms up to 8 inches accross

    $26.99 ea

   2 for $49.99

very winter hardy!!

Rain Barrel

-55 gallon

-screened top

-spigot on base to attach to garden hose

or connect several together





Pet food or Birdseed storage containers
air tight sealed storage containers-30# or 44#

-smaller one stores

up to 30#



-larger up to 44#



price reflects a $5 savings


Both come with a measuring scoop

Boot Scrubber
brushes on 3 sides
new boot scraper ..metal and natural fiber

top one

- portable or permanent mount

-hardwood and steel construction



bottom one 


-'the best boot scraper'

-metal wire woven into natural bristles



Tick Control
repel-apply to clothing, lasts through multiple washings
tick key-assists removal of ticks from you or your pet
granular sevin-apply to yard and water in
hose end yard spray-covers 16,000 sq ft

click on pictures for addtional info

Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-ultra premium hardwood pellets

-stored inside


Pre season  PRICE for August 

Pay and take ( or have delivered) before end of August 


         $320 per ton

Monthly increases of $5 to $10 expected


delivery available



Apple Peeler
back to basics apple peeler & slicer

-stainless steel blades, chrome shaft

-5 year warrantee

-peels and slices apples & potatoes


only     $21.99

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