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All New Products and Specials

Green manure Crops

Buckwheat, winter or annual rye,

oats [plat by early November]

by the pound or by the bag

NEW ball Holiday jars
4 pint jars with snowflake motif

click on pictures for additional info

all have embossed designs-here for a limited time

Floating Row Covers
floating row covers

-protect against frost or insects

     12' x 10'.....$12.99

     12' x 100' .......$59.99

76 inch 10 gauge hoops

                 $2.99 each


                4 for $10

Boot Trays
2 sizes of rubber boot trays

-2 inch lip


-2 ft....$24.99

-3 ft........$29.99

Bird Ornaments
hand painted ornaments-
new rooster or hen with golden eggs on a nest
hummingbird ane red cardinal
all the owls except the snowy owl

-hand painted

-4 varieties of owls,

hummingbird, cardinal,

indigo bunting, downy woodpecker and chestnut horse and hen or rooster too!



    $12.99 to $14.99

Garlic-available now for fall planting
soft or hardneck garlic

-softneck-the variety commonly in the grocery stores

             -stores well

             -mild flavor

             -good for braiding

       6 pack....$8.99

Fruit Nut & Berries
large assortment of fruit trees

Mid`season S A L E

  All nut, fruit & crabapples


Buy one get one



still a large selection

Boot Scrubber
brushes on 3 sides

- portable or permanent mount

-hardwood and steel construction



Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-stored inside


current PRICE


         $295 per ton



until i get next load 9then atleast a $5

increase is expected


Tick Control
repel-apply to clothing, lasts through multiple washings
tick key-assists removal of ticks from you or your pet
granular sevin-apply to yard and water in
hose end yard spray-covers 16,000 sq ft

click on pictures for addtional info

Apple Peeler
back to basics apple peeler & slicer

-stainless steel blades, chrome shaft

-5 year warrantee

-peels and slices apples & potatoes


only     $21.99

agway topsoil

.75cu ft bags
 $2.99 each
10 for $25
everyday !!

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