jelly jars

All New Products and Specials

Fruiting trees

Over 100 available

-11 varieties of apples

- over 20 reliance peaches

- pear,  too


$49.99 each

asian pears, persimmon 

also Available 

Fall color
Kale and cabbage
Ornamental peppers
Hardy mums

4inch pots starting at 


or 3/$15.99


also hardy mums

-as well as asters, and kale or cabbage 


9" pots

$7.99 each



Spring bloom Spring!

Lots in stock

shop now for best selection 

Rich pink and white shrub rose

Just a sampling

- shrub white red and pink!

- climbers red and pale peach pink


   S A L E

NOW $10 

                  O F F

Naked bee
Gift sets for restoration of dry hands and body
Gift sets and creams for hand an$ body
Lip balm  each or sets

‘All the good stuff none of the bad stuff’

from naked bee

great selection of scents




 orange blossom 




West County Mix

- turf seed mix formulated for our region

-quickly established nurse crop

followed by sturdy perennial grassses

-available in


    1 lb...$5.99

    3 lb...$13.99

   10 lb.....$39.99

   25 lb.......$79.99

   50 lb......$124.99


remeber you need 60 degree soil

temperture for germination

Maine Wood Pellets
hardwood blend


-premium hardwood blend

-ton price 


  available by the bag

   $7.75 per bag


10 plus  $7.25per bag



Rain Barrel

-55 gallon

-screened top

-spigot on base to attach to garden hose

or connect several together





Tick Control
repel-apply to clothing, lasts through multiple washings
tick key-assists removal of ticks from you or your pet
granular sevin-apply to yard and water in
hose end yard spray-covers 16,000 sq ft

click on pictures for addtional info

Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-ultra premium hardwood pellets

-stored inside



per ton

(Single bags also available )

delivery available

note next load will be $360



agway topsoil

.75cu ft bags
 $2.99 each
10 for $25
everyday !!

large composter
12 or 7 cu ft composter

- capacity 12 cu. ft. 
-sits on a wheeled base for effortless turning
-Black color holds heat, accelerates composting 
-Fully assembled
 -made in the USA
-98% post industrial recycled polyethylene.



7 cu ft













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