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All New Products and Specials

Weber Q 120 grill
weber Q 120 tabletop grill

-table top grill
-takes propane canister
but adapter for 20 lb tank available
    $179.99 value
S A L E  
while supply lasts!!!

NEW Mens Carhartt flannel shirts
heavy weight flannel shirt
heavy weight flannel shirt
swatch of green plaid

available in tall sizes too!!
heavy weight plaid flannel shirts

NEWCarhartt Socks
womens camo winter sock
womens heather pink & blue
warm winter womens socks
dark denim winter sock with snow flake

Loads of new winter socks for women!
-winter weight blends
most $10 a pair
medium and large size

locally grown hardy mums & asters & kale
hardy mums
ornamental kale & cabbage

Hardy mums&asters
  8 inch pots
 $6.99 each
3 for $19.99

flowering kale & cabbage
  $5.99 each
  3 for $14.99
both available in 4 inch pots
   3 for $10

N E W more canning on yard & garden page
blue or green jar lids & rings
2 pack- 16 oz freezer jars
4 pack of jar lids with straws
canning jar mugs
herb shaker lids

Just a sample of all the new
items from ball
check the yard and garden page
for more canning supplies

Current price on Hamer wood pellets
Current price on wood pellets

Hamer wood pellets:
 ultra premium grade,
 less than ½% ash.

back in stock !!!
$325 per ton
price adjusted by trucking costs

expect at least a $10 increase by next load
-limited supply, first come first serve=-

delivery is available

NEW firepits
cheterfield fireplace-with poker and all weather cover
firepit- hampton

NEW fire pits
-all come with poker
and screened cover for top 2 stlyles

NOW sale priced
all styles $50 off


buckwheat hull mulch
buckwheat hull mulch

N  E W
in stock!!
Buckwheat Hulls
-stored inside the warehouse
 - unique, deep brown color
- Often preferred by Rose growers
 as the ideal mulch.
15 pound bags
$19.99 each   
5 or more...$16.99 each

agway topsoil

.75cu ft bags
 $2.99 each
10 for $25
everyday !!

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