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Black tulip magnolia
6’ plus black tulip magnolia

Large plant!

plant now for spring blooms

Just in red raspberry and blackberry

Fall is the perfect time to plant

No fertilizer 

only a little watering 

Fall color

4inch pots starting at 


or 3/$15.99

Spring bloom Spring!

Lots in stock

shop now for best selection 


Large selection...


lime light

little lime light


little quickfire

candy apple

zinfin doll


all winter hardy, bloom type and fading colors vary

West County Mix

- turf seed mix formulated for our region

-quickly established nurse crop

followed by sturdy perennial grassses

-available in


    1 lb...$5.99

    3 lb...$13.99

   10 lb.....$39.99

   25 lb.......$79.99

   50 lb......$124.99


remeber you need 60 degree soil

temperture for germination

Boot Trays
2 sizes of rubber boot trays

-2 inch lip


-2 ft....$24.99

-3 ft........$29.99

Rain Barrel

-55 gallon

-screened top

-spigot on base to attach to garden hose

or connect several together





Boot Scrubber
brushes on 3 sides
new boot scraper ..metal and natural fiber

top one

- portable or permanent mount

-hardwood and steel construction



bottom one 


-'the best boot scraper'

-metal wire woven into natural bristles



Tick Control
repel-apply to clothing, lasts through multiple washings
tick key-assists removal of ticks from you or your pet
granular sevin-apply to yard and water in
hose end yard spray-covers 16,000 sq ft

click on pictures for addtional info

Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-ultra premium hardwood pellets

-stored inside


Pre season  PRICE for September 

Pay and take ( or have delivered) before end of  September 


         $325 per ton

October increase of $7 to $12 expected


delivery available



Apple Peeler
back to basics apple peeler & slicer

-stainless steel blades, chrome shaft

-5 year warrantee

-peels and slices apples & potatoes


only     $21.99

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