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All New Products and Specials

Nursery Fall SPECIALS

end of season specials


-weeping cherries

   regular $119.99..$50

-fruit trees

   BOGO half price

-berry bushes

    red, yellow, black & blue

  BOGO half price




[starts the day after Labor Day]

perennial sale in nursery

best price when you buy 8 or more

Garlic-available now for fall planting
soft or hardneck garlic

-softneck-the variety commonly in the grocery stores

             -stores well

             -mild flavor

             -good for braiding

       6 pack....$7.99

-hardneck-complex flavor

              -resembles wild garlic

              -stores 6 to 10 months

       2 pack....$7.99



All rubber womens Choogas

-all rubber

-leather accent buckles

-memory foam insole

-whole sizes 7 to 10

-mulberry, teal ,or army green


           sold for $89.99


our price

            $ 6 9 . 9 9

Food Dehydrator
5 adjustable trays

- 5 adjustable trays

-fruit, vegetable, or jerky



food drying book also available

Stove Top Steamers
ceramic top-cast iron base
lattice top cast iron green black or blue

-all 2.2 quart

-protective glaze inside

-ceramic top with holly design


-all cast in blue,green or black


trivets to protect stove top


N E W Bellows
leather, brass, and wood small bellows

-brass, wood, and leather

-15 x 6 inches

-made in india



N E W mole poison

-poison worm resembling the real thing

-one dose is lethal

-12 one worm placements



Friut Nut & Berries
large assortment of fruit trees
yellow raspberries

Mid`season S A L E

  All nut, fruit & berry bushes


Buy one get one



still a large selection

Rain Barrel

-55 gallon

-screened top

-spigot on base to attach to garden hose

or connect several together





Tick Control
repel-apply to clothing, lasts through multiple washings
tick key-assists removal of ticks from you or your pet
granular sevin-apply to yard and water in
hose end yard spray-covers 16,000 sq ft

click on pictures for addtional info

Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-by the bag or by the ton

-stored inside

  current price

        $280.00 per ton

In season price increases expected

locally grown hardy mums & asters & kale
hardy mums
ornamental kale & cabbage

Hardy mums

  8 inch pots
 $7.99 each
3 for $19.99

flowering kale & cabbage
  $6.99 each
  3 for $16.99
both available in 4 inch pots

[as well as asters]

   $5.29 each


   3 for $14.99


NEW polyresin Bistro Set
red or taupe 3 piece set

-3 piece set

-all 3 fold for easy transport & storeage

-table will accomadate an umbrella

-available in red and taupe


   O N L Y



SALE $49.99

Advanced #4 sunshine mix
sunshine #4 advanced hydroponic
sunshine #4 potting mix

Advanced #4 sunshine mix
- Hydroponic growing indoors and out with mix #4
-natural and organic,
-myco active Coco coir no burn formula lets you dictate your own feeding
   6 cu ft condensed into 3 cu ft bale

Sunshine Mix #4
 -ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening
 -Seven Mycorrhizae species. Greater concentration of Mycorrhizae
.-Low phosphorous fertilizer  encourage colonization
. -Long lasting wetting agent 
- increased horticultural grade perlite means greater root zone aeration
-6 to 8 cu ft compressed into 3 cu ft bale

Plant Protectors for longer growing season
plant blanket
floating row cover

prices and sizes when you click on product


       -keep your garden yielding

       - both are reuseable




manual meat grinder
manual meat grinder- weston

-fine&coarse grinding plates
-food safe tin coating
-clamps to chairs and table tops
-protector pad to keep countertops


Carhartt bucket organizer
canvas bucket organizer
bucket organizer- full of tools

-fits a 5 gallon bucket

-available in carhartt brown or black


     $35 with the bucket

      $30 without bucket

Apple Peeler
back to basics apple peeler & slicer

-stainless steel blades, chrome shaft

-5 year warrantee

-peels and slices apples & potatoes


only     $21.99

agway topsoil

.75cu ft bags
 $2.99 each
10 for $25
everyday !!

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