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All New Products and Specials

Maine Wood Pellets
hardwood blend


-premium hardwood blend


-limited supply


$ 2 5 9   per ton


    N O W thru February 1st

(then it goes to $269)


available bythe bag

   $7 per bag


10 plus  $6.50 per bag

WOOD Pellets
hamer wood pellets

-100% hardwood

-mostly less than 1/2% ash

-stored inside to maintain integraty



       $340  per ton


   plenty in stock right now

by the bag or by the ton



delivery is available






Scratch FREE Snow Brush
scratch free snow brush

 True Temper Scratch-Free Snow Brush

- innovative head design that removes snow in smaller hard to reach areas

- head is made of freeze-resistant material

- elliptical aluminum handle with comfort grip.

-36 inch handle


  loads in stock  




Carhartt bucket organizer
canvas bucket organizer
bucket organizer- full of tools

-fits a 5 gallon bucket

-available in carhartt brown or black


     $35 with the bucket

      $30 without bucket

NEW Taylor thermometers
8 new designs of thermometers

-remote control


-prob digital indoor/outdoor

-brass 12 inch or 6 inch

-stick on window

-permanet stick on



starting at $3.99 to $29.99

manual meat grinder
manual meat grinder- weston

-fine&coarse grinding plates
-food safe tin coating
-clamps to chairs and table tops
-protector pad to keep countertops


Apple Peeler
back to basics apple peeler & slicer

-stainless steel blades, chrome shaft

-5 year warrantee

-peels and slices apples & potatoes


only     $21.99

Calcium Chloride pellets
50 lb bag

-pelletized calcium chloride

-melts down to -35 degrees F

9.5 lb jug


35 lb pail


- 50 lb bag


tube sand
tube sand

-60 lb bags
-great for weight or traction aid

 $5.99 each


3 for $14.99

get a grip
ice gripper

Get a Grip
ice gripper
-med fits mens 7.5 to 10
  womens 8.5 to 11
-lg fits mens 10.5 to 13
  womens 11.5 to 13

snow sleigh
straight handle 22 inch wide blade -snow sleigh
angeled handle- 27 inch wide blade-snow sleigh

yellow snow sleigh

-straight handle

-22 inch blade

-steel wear strip




blue snow slegh

-ergonomic handle

[push comfortably from different angles]

-27 inch wide blade

-metal wear strip




So much easier on your back!!!



Amish fireplaces
looks like a real fireplace-projects radiant heat

-light oak or dark cherryfinish

-costs 9 cents per day at standard setting

-on rollers

-25.75" high x 29.25"wide x 9.5" deep


limited inventory

$400 value


    S A L E     $299.99


nut or stove coal


- 1-9 bags ....$9.45

- 10 bags..$8.95

- ton [40 bags]...$335.00

- pallet [ 1 1/4 ton 50 bags]



remeber we can deliver, too!!

LED headlight
17 lumen headlight
42 lumen headlight

17 lumen
-batteries included
42 lumen
-batteries include
-choice of colors

The Naked Bee
Naked Bee skin care

-organic aloe&sunflower oil
-green&white tea extracts
 -made in the USA
-none of the 'bad stuff'
orange blossom honey soft scent

NEW scents sandalwood & pomegranite honey
lip balm ...$2.99-new flavor coconut & honey
foot balm...$9.99
moisturizing hand&body
   2.25 fl oz...$4.99
   6.7 fl oz...$9.99
hand & cuticle healing salve
 NEW hand scrub

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