!!!  canning jars from  quilted 4 oz  to  half gallon wide mouth-always in stock  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pomona's univeral pectin
pomona pectin

NOW in stock!!

-vegan&gluten free
-pure pectin NO dextrose or preservatives!!


no experation date

Annual fruit tree sale
all fruiting trees

All fruiting trees
[including crabapples]
get 1
    half price!
still loads in stock

Current price on Hamer wood pellets
Current price on wood pellets

Hamer wood pellets:
 ultra premium grade,
 less than ½% ash.

back in stock !!!
$315 per ton
price adjusted by fuel costs

expect at least a $10 increase by September
-limited supply, first come first serve=-

delivery is available

NEW firepits
firepit- hampton

NEW fire pits
-all come with poker
and screened cover for top 2 stlyles

NOW sale priced
all styles $50 off

starting at $49.99 !!!


Polyresin Adirondack Chairs
molded resin adirondack chair-
molded resin adirondack chair-tangerine

molded resin Adirondack chairs
-available in red, white ,blue
tangerine, brown, and aqua
   $29.99 each
2 for $39.99
new colors
arriving sooon!!

Canning Jars
canning jars
Quilted jelly jars

Ball canning jars
-half pint to half gallon[case of 6]
in cases of a dozen

starting at $9.99
we stock them year round
for ALL your projects!!

fruit fresh & citric acid
fruit fresh
citric acid

More items to complete your
safe canning...
blue book-all the canning&freezing basics
canning salt
jar lifters
jar funnels....

cold pack canner
cold pack canner w/ utensil kit

Water Bath Canner
-21 quart size
-includes jar lifter, lid lifter,
funnel and bubble remover and headspace tool.
and of course the rack

  great value at $64.99

canning salt or lime
pickling lime
pickling salt

Canning salt
-3 lbs $3.99
-50 lbs $10.45
Pickling Lime
-one pound $4.99

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extrs cold summer for the northeast?: