winter 2015

###  COAL-nut & stove.....hardwood premium the bag or by the ton-delivery available ######


Economy birdseed
18 lb mixed birdseed

=18 pound bag


       $9.99 each



2 for $ 1 5 . 9 9


Wildlife Blocks
10 x 10 inch blocks of solid mixed seed

-10 x 10 inch block

-mixed seed for wildlife

turkeys, squirrels, etc

-15 pound


    $14.99 each

birdseed wreaths
premium seed throughout-10 inch diameter
more designs
mixed seed-7 inch diameter

Great gift idea for the birder!

-click on picture for details


NEW Birdfeeders
dual compartment screen feeders-teal or lime green
screened feeder-holds any seed
'shingle ' roof-wood detailing

-details and pricing

click on picture

Bluebird Nuggets
bluebird nuggets-high energy food

-rendered beef suet, raisins, corn, and peanuts

-ideal for platform feeder

-resealable bag

-made in USA

-27 oz




stokes blue 'treat' feeder
tray feeder

-Easy to use dish feeder to feed bird
 mealworms, fruit, jelly, seed and more
-. Durable polycarbonate dish for easy cleaning
-holes for rain drainage

only   $9.99

meal worms [dried] also instock

dried mealworms

-treat for bluebirds
robins, and your flock of chickens
-feeders available!

6 oz  for$7.99


30 oz...$27.99

  great value!!!!

Suet Plus-11 oz cakes
suet plus peanut butter
suet plus wild bird blend

All Suet Plus cakes


-peanut butter


-mixed seed


BUY 2  get one

   F R E E
$1.99 EACH


case of 12..$11.99



lyric supreme birdseed
lyric supreme birdseed

-20 lb bag
- over 50 percent sunflower seeds
and nuts, with no fillers

In-Shell Peanuts
in shell peanuts

-not only squirrels, but Jays love
this treat too!!
-available by the pound
3 lb bag


cardinal feeder
cardinal feeder
droll yankee cardinal feeder

-23 inch feeder

-one style with pullring for easy

cleaningseveral in stock



IT's b a c k ......... 
GREAT value

6 pack suet cakes


Wrap around baffle
wrap around baffle
torpedo baffle

-sturdy metal contruction
-fits many size poles

your choice

thistle seed
thistle seed

20 pound bag

a favorite of finches
regular $29.99

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