Horse treats


20 gallon garden bag
Collapsible 20 gallon

Available in 3 colors


plant to bloom guide

-plant NOW  for blooms
in 4 to 6 weeks
  5 for $5.99


marble chips


and loads of pottery!( all displayed in the red shed)

amarylllis kits
amaryllis kits

-kits available in 4 colors
white, red, red/white, and pink/white
-pot, soil, bulb,and gift box





Advanced #4 sunshine mix
sunshine #4 advanced hydroponic
sunshine #4 potting mix

Advanced #4 sunshine mix
- Hydroponic growing indoors and out with mix #4
-natural and organic,
-myco active Coco coir no burn formula lets you dictate your own feeding
   6 cu ft condensed into 3 cu ft bale

Sunshine Mix #4
 -ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening
 -Seven Mycorrhizae species. Greater concentration of Mycorrhizae
.-Low phosphorous fertilizer  encourage colonization
. -Long lasting wetting agent 
- increased horticultural grade perlite means greater root zone aeration
-6 to 8 cu ft compressed into 3 cu ft bale

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