%%%%%%%  Perennial S A L E in Nursery buy 8 for the best price !!!  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Red Ornamental Grasses
fireworks grass
red fountain grass

-not winter hardy in our region
-however the fall into
winter color is tremendous!

3 varieries just

out of a greenhouse

$12.99 each



Garden aids
6 ft x 3 ft wooden trellis
3 legged metal plant support 4 ft or 6 ft
large Victorian hanger with cocoa moss liner-$49.99

 just a sampling

Ornamental peppers
peppers just startig to color
rich purple and red fruit
deep purple foliage-red fruit

intersting accent plant


     $7.99 each

macrophylla Hydrangeas
bright pink-just add lime

-blooming on new growth, so plant

in full sun

-winter hardy

-lime for pink

-acid fertilizer for blue


$39.99 and up

exotic glass crytsals
glass crystals- 2 lb bags

= 2 lb bags [ ABOUT  a 1  1/2 pints in volume]

-made in the USA

-red, green, south carolina blue,

ice crystals

-great for fairy gardens, forced bulbs



Fairy garden accents
new fire pit with blinking fire
leaf tee pee, hanging lantern
winter scene

more items arriving shortly
keep an eye out!!

-new lighting fire pit, leaf tee pee,

wishing well, gazing ball,

2 different arbors,

little lacy bistro set,

picket fence

lacey love seat

more fairies

Plant Nanny-watering globe
plant nanny -watering globe

-12 oz capacity
-comes in green , aqua,&royal blue
-great for house plants
-small & medium size pots
-works for vacations too!
-beautiful accent

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