grow light system

Grow Light System
-2 foot long
-complete with full daylight spectrum
54W bulbs
-easy height adjustment
-in line on/off 



Watering supplies
Repair fittings, nozzles and sprnklers
Collapses for easy storeage



20 gallon garden bag
Collapsible 20 gallon

Available in 3 colors


Seed starting needs
All your seed starting needs
Greenhouse kits

Seedling mix

-8quart, 16 quart, or 1.5 cu ft

peat pots

-2, 3, or 4 inch round 

-8 cell 4 per pack $4.99

greenhouse kits


trays, domes and inserts individual 


Early tubers
New lilies
New dalhias
New gladiolus blend assortments

Just a sampling

more to come 

Advanced #4 sunshine mix
sunshine #4 advanced hydroponic
sunshine #4 potting mix

Advanced #4 sunshine mix
- Hydroponic growing indoors and out with mix #4
-natural and organic,
-myco active Coco coir no burn formula lets you dictate your own feeding
   6 cu ft condensed into 3 cu ft bale

Sunshine Mix #4
 -ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening
 -Seven Mycorrhizae species. Greater concentration of Mycorrhizae
.-Low phosphorous fertilizer  encourage colonization
. -Long lasting wetting agent 
- increased horticultural grade perlite means greater root zone aeration
-6 to 8 cu ft compressed into 3 cu ft bale

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