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******** CLOSED July 4th*******

Pet Supplies

New pet beds
New pet beds : cuddle, orthopedic, and new thick crate pads
Hooded and cuddle beds
Cuddle and self warming beds

Dog and cat!

NEW Kong toys
Kong dog toys...lots new

Lots to entertain during the long nights!

New collars, leashes and harness
Harness small and large
Adjustable Collars in bold color

-sizes big and small

- more colors than ever!!

Dog Kennel
10 x 10 x 6 dog kennel
roof kit for a 10x 10 kennel

delivery is available

  10 x 1 0 x 6

Just in10 x 10 x6

with reinforced sides



wireless pet containment
wireless  pet containment

-covers up to 90 ft radius
-complete with collar, batteries,
marker flags, and operating/training
regular $299.99

S A L E     $279.99

additional collars in stock
as well as replacement battteries

NEW Pet Ramp
portable pet ramp

-weighs only 13 lbs. folds for storage

-tested for up to 400 lbs

-adjusts 13 to 39 feet

-built in side rails



NEW ZoGuard for dogs-same formula as Frontline plus
ZoGuard for cats 8 weeks or older 1.5 lbs or larger

Just arrived

fully stocked!!

-3 month supply

 from $30.99 to $32.99

4 sizes for dogs

1 for cats!!

Seresto collars
large nd small dog as well as cat -Seresto collar

small dog- under 18 lbs over 7 weeks of age

large dog

cat- over 10 weeks of age


-alll last for 8 months of slow release

flea & tick






Frontline & advantix
frontline plus-dogs and cats
advantix for dogs

Frontline plus
- for cats and dogs
 - 3 month supply size

Advantix II [& advantage for cats]
-for dogs
-4 month supply

Cat Scratchers
12 inch sisal ball, rotates on axis
3 carpeted platform scratcher

-12  inch sisal ball 

  -rotates on axis

-feather 'teaser'


-36 inch tall scratching pole

-stable round base




SALE      $29.99



-3 carpeted platforms on sisal covered cylinders

strong and stable


for cats-cosequin tablets
cosequin for small dogs
cosequin tablets for all dogs




keep your pets moving !!

Automatic pet waterer
automatic pet waterer
cool flow pet waterer

Pet Self Waterer
-constant supply of fresh water
starting at

NEW Pet Treats with CBD
treats or topical


   -peanut butter & banana,

    -carob & cocnut

    -blueberry & cranberry

-organic ingredients

Topical cream

  releaves pain from arthritis, cancer, stress,

G I issues, and pain management


         treats  7.5 oz 

         $21.99 to $29.99

       Topical cream 


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