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***** winter Carhartt ready to keep you warm...socks, gloves,jackets, hats, lined pants, & more   *********

Home & Garden

NEW window box etc
redwood window boxes
wrought iron window box brackets

-click on picture for more details

- as always poly window boxes

from 18 inch to 36 inch in green


wooden boxes in limited quantities

West County Mix

- turf seed mix formulated for our region

-quickly established nurse crop

followed by sturdy perennial grassses

-available in


    1 lb...$5.99

    3 lb...$12.99

   10 lb.....$39.99

   25 lb.......$79.99

   50 lb......$114.99


remeber you need 60 degree soil

temperture for germination

10 lb fatwood

-10 lb

-all natural





stove thermometers
wood stove thermometer

-moniters stove performance
from 'creosote' to 'overfire'

ONLY   $19.99

lots in stock!!!

Stove Top Steamers
ceramic top-cast iron base
lattice top cast iron green black or blue

-all 2.2 quart

-protective glaze inside

-ceramic top with holly design


,p>special $39.99

-all cast in blue,green or black


trivets to protect stove top


N E W Bellows
leather, brass, and wood small bellows

-brass, wood, and leather

-15 x 6 inches

-made in india



fireplace gloves
fireplace gloves

Fireplace Gloves
-fire retardent
-long gaunlet


Carhartt bucket organizer
canvas bucket organizer
bucket organizer- full of tools

-fits a 5 gallon bucket

-available in carhartt brown or black


     $35 with the bucket

      $30 without bucket

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