$ wood pellets, coal [nut,stove,& rice], and hot bricks by the each, 10 bag, and pallet pricing $$$

Home & Garden

Canning Supplies
replacement rack for canners
NEW spiral jars-28 oz & 16oz
fruit fresh-stops cut  fruit from browning

- Loads of canning jars


all year long, too!!

Cedar Bark Mulch
natural cedar bark mulch

-naturally repells insects

-finer bark smothers weeds

-available in 3 cu ft bags

[9 bags equals a cubic yard]


     $6.49 each


   3 for $15.50



10 for $39.99



Dyed mulch

-red or black

3 cu ft bags


     $6.99 each


    3 for $16.99


10 for $46.99


large composter
12 or 7 cu ft composter

- capacity 12 cu. ft. 
-sits on a wheeled base for effortless turning
-Black color holds heat, accelerates composting 
-Fully assembled
 -made in the USA
-98% post industrial recycled polyethylene.



- 7 cu ft back in stock



Ash Pail
ash pailwith locking lid

-locking lid
-7 1/2 gallon
-treated for hot ashes


Log Rings
log ring - available in 20 or 40 inchdiameter

20 inch ...$29.99

stove thermometers
wood stove thermometer

-moniters stove performance
from 'creosote' to 'overfire'

ONLY   $19.99

lots in stock!!!

Strike anywhere matches
green tip  matches

-300 ct
-extra thick for longer
burn time
-diamond made in the USA

fireplace matches also available
[the longer ones]

Hot Wood Bricks
compressed wood bricks

Hot Brick 15 pack -

-100% Natural Hardwood Fire Brick Wood Fuel.

-No Additives, Cleaner and Easy to Store and handle

- Burns Hotter and Longer than ordinary firewood


       $6.99 per pack


10 packs $5.99 per pack


stored in our dry warehouse

canvas log carrier
canvas log carrier

Canvas Log Carrier
-rienforsed web handles
-enclosed ends
-29 inches long x 11 w x 12 h

=much bigger than last years!


fireplace gloves
fireplace gloves

Fireplace Gloves
-fire retardent
-long gaunlet


10 lb fatwood

-10 lb

-all natural




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